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Giving is meant to be so much more than a dollar amount that you can write off at the end of the tax year. Salty Culture giving, whether it be of your time or financial giving, is rewarding because you are able to see the seeds that you have helped plant grow.

Right here, locally, in Galveston, your investment in Salty Culture will be one that you can cultivate and watch grow into something so much bigger than you ever dreamed of when you first committed.

Unlike donations where you give on a prayer that they will use the funds for the advertised cause, Salty Culture is hands on. Make the commitment to give, and then walk alongside that commitment with action with your family and watch what God can do. Not just in the community, but in your own life and family as well.


The Salty Six is a commitment to give each month to Salty Culture at designated amounts for six months. This challenge will see lives changed from the inside out. Families restored, people moved, situations changed. A commitment to give is two fold. Get involved, watch your gift bless a family, watch your gift fund the restoration of a life, watch your gift change someones situation. With Salty Culture, you have front row seats and transparency from an organization who puts 100% of the funds given back into service projects that you can take part in. Commit to the Salty 6 today, and watch where the journey takes you. It's going to be wild, it's going to be great.